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LAX FlyAway Westwood

FlyAway Bus

The LAX Flyaway non-stop bus service from Westwood to Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) is the way to go.

LAX FlyAway Westwood Bus service offers hourly direct service from Westwood to and from each of Los Angeles International Airport's (LAX) terminals. Buses operate on the hour between 8:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. including holidays.

The LAX FlyAway Westwood stop is located at the northeast corner of Gayley Ave. and Strathmore Pl.

The LAX FlyAway Westwood Bus features:
Non-stop service
Free Wi-Fi service
Curbside drop-off at each terminal
Reclining seats
One-way or roundtrip options
100% clean-fuel (CNG) buses

LAX FlyAway Service to Westwood (West Los Angeles)

Passenger Drop Off/Pick Up at LAX FlyAway Westwood

The pickup location for LAX FlyAway in Westwood is at the northeast corner of Gayley Ave. and Strathmore Pl.

Drop-off and Pick-up locations at LAX

LAX FlyAway Westwood bus drop off passengers on the Upper/Departures Level in front of each terminal at LAX.

Passengers board buses on the Lower/Arrivals Level. Passengers leaving LAX to Westwood (UCLA) should stand by the Lower level curbside, in front of each terminal under the green "FlyAway, Buses and Long Distance Vans" sign. Each departing bus is marked with its service location. Make sure you are boarding the FlyAway Bus that says Westwood.

FlyAway Bus LAX

FlyAway Bus

Northeast corner of Gayley Ave. and Strathmore Pl.

LAX FlyAway Westwood

LAX FlyAway Westwood Tickets

The FlyAway Fare from Westwood to LAX is $10 one-way. Two children age 5 and under may ride free with each paying adult. Tickets are sold on the bus. Visa, MasterCard and American Express debit/credit cards only are accepted for ticket purchases. Cash is not accepted.

Flyaway accepts TAP card or EZ Transit Pass as payment option (see details below)

** Fare are subject to change without notice

LAX FlyAway Westwood Schedule

Westwood to LAX
Departs Westwood Monday – Sunday 6:00am - 10:00pm (Leaves at the top of the hour)

LAX to Westwood
6 a.m. – 11 p.m. (Leaves Terminal 1 at the top of the hour, picking up at each terminal 2-7 in order)

LAX FlyAway Westwood Ticket Price

Van Nuys $9.75
Union Station $9.75
Westwood $10.00
Hollywood $8.00
Long Beach $9.00

Note: Two children age 5 and under may ride free with each paying adult

LAX FlyAway FAQ's
Do the FlyAway buses have bathrooms?
No, FlyAway buses are not equipped with bathrooms.
Are FlyAway buses wheelchair accessible?
Yes, all FlyAway buses are wheelchair accessible.
Can you reserve a seat on the bus for a specific date and time?
No, you can't. The FlyAway bus service operates on a first-come, first-served basis.
Are children required to ride in a car seat on the FlyAway bus?
No, a car seat is not required. Parents can choose to hold a child on their laps or opt to have the child ride in the car seat on the bus.
Do FlyAway buses offer Internet access and charging stations on board?
No, except on the Van Nuys route and Westwood route.

LAX FlyAway Westwood Schedule

Effective January 7, 2019

The LAX FlyAway Westwood Bus departs Westwood
Monday – Sunday
On the Hour 8:00am thru 8:00pm

Depart FlyAway Bus Stop Westwood


8:00 am1:00 pm6:00 pm
9:00 am2:00 pm7:00 pm
10:00 am3:00 pm8:00 pm
11:00 am4:00 pm 
12:00 pm5:00 pm 

The LAX FlyAway Westwood departs LAX Terminal 1
Monday – Sunday
On the Hour 8:00am thru 8:00pm

Depart LAX Terminal 1
(Departure times for terminals 2-7 vary based on traffic conditions in the Central Terminal Area)


8:00 am1:00 pm6:00 pm
9:00 am2:00 pm7:00 pm
10:00 am3:00 pm8:00 pm
11:00 am4:00 pm 
12:00 pm5:00 pm 

Note: LAX FlyAway stops at all terminals at LAX. Allow extra time for pickup at Terminal 2 -7.

Real-time bus schedules for the Westwood service routes can also be found at

LAX FlyAway Westwood Fares for TAP-EZ Transit Pass holders

Westwood FlyAway riders can use stored value on their TAP cards and TAP EZ passes to buy a ticket inside the bus using the TAP validators onboard.

TAP-EZ Transit Pass holders will receive a discounted fare or ride for free, depending on the EZ zones loaded on the TAP card. Below is a list of fares for FlyAway TAP and EZ Pass holders:

FlyAway Bus EZ-Pass

Patrons with Zone 6 or above will enjoy the FlyAway bus rides at no additional cost.
TAP card users with stored value will save $2 for Westwood and $1 for Long Beach.

Note: Sufficient stored value must be available on the TAP card for deductions. Insufficient stored value will result in an invalid reading by the TAP card reader and will require purchasing of a ticket at full fare with a debit/credit card.

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LAX FlyAway Alerts
LAX FlyAway Westwood to be discontinued

The Westwood FlyAway route has been discontinued. Last day of service was Sunday June 30th 2019.

FlyAway Van Nuys Parking Rate Increase

Starting January 1, 2019 the parking rates at Van Nuys FlyAway facility changed to $1 per hour, and up to $5 maximum per day.

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