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Los Angeles Taxi

Los Angeles Taxi

Getting a Taxi in Los Angeles Area

Of course another way to get around Los Angeles is by taxi. Taking a taxi in Los Angeles can however be very expensive. Los Angeles spans a widely diverse geographic area. The county of Los Angeles alone is 4,081 square miles.

There are nine franchise taxi operators in the City of Los Angeles who operate more than 2300 taxis. You should also keep an eye out for illegal taxis or “bandit” taxicabs as they are called. Before boarding any taxi in the city of Los Angeles be sure that you look for the official City of Los Angeles Taxicab Seal on the driver and front passengers outside door. Taxicabs bearing this seal are insured, have trained drivers and are regularly inspected by the City of Los Angeles.

Getting a taxi in Los Angeles can sometimes be a challenge. You won't be able to find cruising taxis on most streets. You might be able to find taxi stands at some major attractions but your best bet is to call 411 directory assistance for a taxi cab company number or ask hotel, restaurant, shopping mall or nightclub staff for assistance in calling a cab before leaving the premises.

All Passengers Ride for Price of One
$2.85 flag drop (first 1/9th mile).
$0.30 for each additional 1/9th mile ($2.70 per mile).
$0.30 for each 37 seconds waiting/delay ($29.19 per hour).
$46.50 flat fare for trips between LAX and downtown.
Area bounded by Alameda St., Santa Monica Fwy., Harbor Fwy., Cesar E. Chavez, Union Station and Chinatown.
$4.00 surcharge for all trips originating at LAX.
$15.00 minimum fare for trips originating at LAX (In addition to the $4.00 surcharge).

When you take a taxi from Los Angeles International Airport, you will be handed a ticket showing typical fares to major destinations around town. This should give you an estimated fare to the part of town you are travelling to.

Getting a Taxi in Orange County

Being the home to Disneyland, Knott's Berry Farm and many other resorts and hotels, Orange County depends heavily on tourism. The Orange County Taxi Administration Program (OCTAP) is a self-funded program, voluntary association of Orange County Agencies created to coordinate taxicab service.

Orange County Passenger Taxicab Fares:

$2.95 First 1/4 Mile (flag drop)
$.65 Cents Each Additional 1/4 Mile
$30.00 Per Hour Wait Time
No Extra Charge for Additional Passengers

Note: No other fare structure is authorized for trips originating in Orange County

List of Orange County Taxicab companies.

Download and print the Taxicab Ride information sheet

Taking a Taxi from Los Angeles International Airport

Taxis can be found curb side on the Lower/Arrivals Level under the yellow sign Taxis. Only authorized taxis displaying an official seal from the City of Los Angeles Department of Transportation are permitted at LAX.

Taxis are also available, but they can be expensive due to the long distances. Note: When you take a taxi from Los Angeles International Airport (LAX), you will be presented with a ticket stating typical fares to major destinations. Only authorized taxis with an official seal, illustrated on each vehicle, are permitted in the airport.

Tip: Always make sure the taxi driver starts the meter, and never pay more than the meter amount. Gratuities are acceptable.

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