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Getting Around San Diego

Getting Around San Diego

With its sunshine and near-perfect climate, San Diego is a vacationer's paradise. Given the abundant San Diego attractions, beaches and boundless recreational activities, its no wonder the city is naturally a family vacation destination.

Unlike most big-city airports, San Diego International Airport (SAN) also know as Lindbergh Field is conveniently located close to the downtown area and to most of the major tourist attractions. Most of the popular San Diego attractions are clustered along a five mile wide strip near the ocean which is about 5 miles from downtown.

The San Diego Metropolitan Transit System consists of the San Diego Trolley, the San Diego Coast Express Rail also called Coaster, and a network of buses. Below are points of Interest serviced by San Diego Metropolitan Transit System (SDMTS) and North County Transit District (NCTD) Routes.

San Diego Area Transit

San Diego Area Transit - Below is a list of options available to you while you are in San Diego

San Diego Bus
San Diego City Bus

Easily navigate San Diego aboard one of the 93 fixed bus routes with bus service that includes local, urban, express, premium express and rural routes.

San Diego Trolley
San Diego Trolley

San Diego Trolley is a Light rail service with four lines (the Blue, Orange, Green and Silver Lines) with a total of 53 stations and 54.3 miles of rail.

San Diego Taxi
San Diego Taxi

Many taxicab companies provide service throughout the city and to and from San Diego International Airport. Use this list to find a taxicab company.

San Diego Car Rental
San Diego Car Rental

Take a free shuttle van to the Rental Car Center at San Diego International Airport when you arrive to pickup your rental for your trip into town.

San Diego Airport Shuttle
Airport Shuttle

Shared Shuttle vans are a popular and convenient transportation option in San Diego. Use our list to located a shuttle van next time you need one.

Compass Card
Compass Card

Compass Card is your ticket to ride on the San Diego Metro Transit System. Tap this smart card to board all buses and Trolleys in San Diego

Adult Senior/ Disabled/ Medicare
MTS Trolley $2.50 $1.25
MTS Bus $2.25 $1.10
MTS Rapid
(Route 215)
$2.25 $1.10
MTS Rapid
(Routes 235, 237)
$2.50 $1.25
MTS Express
(Routes 20, 50, 60, 110, 150, 870, 950)
$2.50 $1.25
MTS Rapid Express/Premium
(Routes 280, 290)
$5 $2.50
MTS Rural
(Routes 888, 891, 892, 894)
  • 1 zone: $5
  • 2 zones: $10
  • 1 zone: $2.50
  • 2 zones: $5
MTS Sorrento Valley COASTER Connection
(Routes 972, 973, 978, 979)
Free Free
MTS Access
(ADA Paratransit)
Points of interest Bus / Trolley Route
Balboa Park: (San Diego Zoo) Rapid 215, Routes 3, 7 and 120
La Mesa: Orange Line Trolley, Routes 1 and 7
Living Coast Discovery Center: UC San Diego Blue Line Trolley to E Street, then catch the Discovery Center shuttle.
SDSU Green Line Trolley
Lindbergh Field (San Diego Airport) Route 992 from Santa Fe Depot.
Petco Park: Green, Orange and Blue Trolley, Rapid 215 and 235, as well as special Route 901 service
Qualcomm Stadium, Jack Murphy Field Green Line Trolley
Old Town Green Line Trolley
Coronado MTS Bus 901 and MTS Bus 904
Seaworld/Mission Beach Route 8/9
Mission and Pacific Beach Routes 8/9
La Jolla Route 30
Coronado and Silver Strand Routes 901/904
San Diego International Airport
3225 N. Habor Dr,
San Diego, CA 92101
Phone: 619-400-2404

The only public transit available from the San Diego International Airport is the Flyer Route No. 992, a Metropolitan Transit System bus that travels between the Airport and downtown San Diego, stopping between Terminals 1 & 2 and the Commuter Terminal. The 10-minute bus service to and from downtown connects with the popular Trolley, Coaster and Amtrak stations and is wheelchair accessible.

Directions to Transportation Plaza

From Terminal 1 you must cross the skybridge, and take either the escalators or the elevators to street level. From Terminal 2, cross the Terminal 2 skybridge and take either the escalators or the elevators to street level, or use the pedestrian crosswalk conveniently located outside the Terminal 2 Baggage Claim Area to access the Transportation Plaza

San Diego Attractions

Don't Trash California

Note: Smoking is prohibited on all forms of public transport in California.

Visiting Tijuana Mexico from San Diego

San Diego MapTip

To get to the Mexican border, take Interstate 5 South. This will take you to the border of Mexico. Take the last US Exit. It's recommended that you leave your car on the American side of the border. Park your car in any of the parking lots at the last US Exit. Another way to get to the border is to take the San Diego Trolley.

Things you should know when visiting Mexico from San Diego

You will need a passport to return to the US
If you decide to take your car across the border, you should know that your American Insurance will not cover you in Mexico. Purchasing the required Mexican Insurance is highly recommended.
Plan extra time getting back into the US, because there is usually a long line.

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