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Taking a Taxi in San Diego

Taxis are readily available at the airport Transportation Plazas. If you need a taxi at San Diego International Airport, simply follow the signs leading to the airport's Transportation Plaza which is located across from Terminal 1 and 2.

Lindbergh International Airport is conveniently located, approximately three and half miles from the heart of the downtown area. A typical taxi fare from the airport to downtown would range from $10.00 $12.00 dollars.

Passengers may telephone reservations for a taxicab using the numbers listed below or hail taxicabs on the street or at any taxicab stand.

Most major hotels and some of the larger shopping centers in the area have taxi stands near the entrance, so you shouldn't have to arrange for them on your own or flag them down on the street. Cab rates can vary but generally start with a $3.10 flag-drop and an additional $3.30 per mile thereafter. Most cabs have a limit of four passengers.

Approximate Taxi Cab Rates of Fare:
$3.10 flag drop
$3.30 each additional mile
$27.00 per hour waiting time

For all taxicab trips originating from the San Diego International Airport:
$2.80 flag drop
$3.00 each additional mile
$24.00 per hour waiting time
There's an additional fee of $2.00 per trip charged through the taxi meter on trips from San Diego airport only.

San Diego Taxi Cab Companies

Airport Yellow Cab of San Diego
(619) 444-4444

Orange Cab
(619) 291-3333

American Cab
(619) 234-1111

San Diego Cab
(619) 226-8294 / 800-368-2947

(619) 231-1144


Tip: Always make sure the taxi driver starts the meter, and never pay more than the meter amount. Gratuities are acceptable.

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