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PRONTO - San Diego Re-loadable Fare Card

San Diego Taxi

A PRONTO Card or PRONTO app is a re-loadable MTS smart fare card and your ticket to ride MTS buses and Trolleys. PRONTO is the way to get the best fare while riding on the Metropolitan Transit System.

With PRONTO, you do not need to buy passes in advance. Every time you tap or scan to board a vehicle, the appropriate one-way fare is automatically deducted from your balance. You will never be charged more than a Day Pass in a given calendar day, regardless of how many trips/taps you make (fare capping). With a Monthly Pass, you will never be charged more than a Month Pass regardless of the number of trips/taps in a calendar month.

PRONTO Cards are available for purchase at The Transit Store, NCTD customer service locations, ticket vending machines, and third-party retail outlets. View all purchase locations. Note: There is a $2 fee for a new PRONTO Card

How to use your PRONTO Card

Using your PRONTO Card is easy. Simply load money to your PRONTO card or app account.
Just "tap or scan" the PRONTO Card on the station platform validator before boarding a San Diego Trolley, or on the fare-box when boarding an MTS Bus. For the mobile app, use one of the purple validators on the platform to scan your app.
Riders must tap their card or scan the app at validators located on board buses or on Trolley station platforms before each trip.
PRONTO uses best fare (fare capping) technology to allow you to pay-as-you-go:
- When you tap or scan, a one-way fare will be deducted from your balance (one-way fares on PRONTO are valid for two hours)
- Once you reach the value of a Day Pass, your card or app will stop being charged (still tap or scan every time you ride!)
- If you make enough trips in a calendar month to reach the value of a month pass, your card or app will stop being charged.

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Note: Regardless of where you purchase your PRONTO card, all cards are initially sold as Adult cards (no more SDM or Youth specific cards). Cards and PRONTO mobile accounts can be changed from an Adult to a reduced fare (SDM or Youth) account at the MTS Transit Store or NCTD Customer Service Centers, by calling the PRONTO Support Center, or online. If you already have an Adult PRONTO card, you can request a change to a Reduced Fare Card online at: Conversions take place the same or the next business day.

Download PRONTO Mobile App for iPhone or Android
Google Play Store
Apple App Store

Reduced Fare
MTS Trolley
MTS Rapid
MTS Rapid Express/Premium
(Routes 280, 290)
Special Services
MTS Rural (Routes 888, 891, 892, 894)
MTS Sorrento Valley COASTER Connection (Routes 972, 973, 978, 979)
MTS Access (ADA Paratransit)
Fare Promotions
Family Weekends: On Saturdays and Sundays, up to two children (age 12 and under) may ride free with a fare-paying adult (age 18 or older) on all MTS routes.
Holiday Friends Ride Free: On New Year’s Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day and Christmas Day, a friend may ride free with a fare-paying customer on all MTS routes.
Youth 18 and Under Ride Free: All riders 18 & under will be able to ride MTS and North County Transit District (NCTD) services for FREE with a Youth PRONTO app account, or a Youth PRONTO card.

MTS PRONTO Card Passes
Standard Prices
Premium Price
Adult 1-Day Pass
Reduced Fare 1-Day Pass
Regional Adult Month Pass
Regional Reduced Fare Month Pass
COASTER Adult Month Pass
1 zone: $140
2 zones: $161
3 zones: $182
COASTER Reduced Fare Month Pass
COASTER Adult 1-Day Pass
COASTER Reduced Fare 1-Day Pass

Standard Regional Pass includes: SPRINTER, BREEZE, MTS Bus, MTS Trolley, MTS Rapid
Premium Regional Pass includes: SPRINTER, BREEZE, FLEX, MTS Bus, MTS Trolley, MTS Rapid, MTS Rapid Express, MTS Rural
COASTER Regional Pass includes: COASTER, SPRINTER, BREEZE, FLEX, MTS Bus, MTS Trolley, MTS Rapid, MTS Rapid Express, MTS Rural

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