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Streetcar San Francisco

San Francisco Street Cars

Hop onboard one of the restored, colorful F Line streetcar for a relaxing sightseeing ride. Symbolic of the charm and distinct flavor of the city of San Francisco, these vintage electric streetcars from the early to mid-20th century, (sometimes called trolleys or trams) are a sight to see and ride on. Enjoy the ride from the Castro District to Fisherman's Wharf with stops every few blocks on Market Street and The Embarcadero.

Tip: Always ask for a transfer when you board, in case you need to hop off and hop back on along the way. Transfers are good for 90 minutes.

San Francisco's Municipal Railway has assembled one of the most diverse collections of vintage streetcars you can find anywhere in the world. The collection includes cars from Philadelphia, St. Louis, New Orleans, England, Belgium, Portugal, Japan, Germany, Russia and Melbourne, Australia. The fleet of antique streetcars from around the world run primarily on The embarcadero between Fisherman's Wharf and the Ferry Building.

Hours of Service F-Market & Wharves line
Daily service every 6-12 minutes from 5:45 am - 1:15 am (20 minutes after 11 pm)

2022 Streetcar Fares

Muni Trolley Single Ride - Adult

MuniMobile - $2.50
Clipper Card - $2.50
Cash - $2.75
A single ride fare on Muni is good for 90 minutes of travel, whether it be on a single route or a trip with multiple transfers across buses and light rail. You can save $0.25 per trip by paying with a Clipper® card or MuniMobile.

Muni Monthly - Adult

Clipper Card - $75.00
"M" Pass: Muni (includes Cable Car)

Clipper Card - $94.00
"A" Pass: Muni (includes Cable Car) + BART within SF

Muni Single Ride - Discount Fare

Single Ride - discount fare is available to Youth (ages 5-18), Seniors (65+), and people with disabilities
MuniMobile - $1.25
Clipper Card - $1.25
Cash - $1.35
Metro Ticket Machine - $1.35
Eligible Youth and Seniors must apply for and receive a Clipper card before they can purchase the discount monthly pass.

Muni Monthly - Discount Fare

Muni Monthly discount fare is available to Youth (ages 5-18), Seniors (65+), and people with disabilities
Clipper Card - $38.00
Valid on all Muni vehicles including cable cars.

Category Streetcar
Single Trip Fare Effective
Regular Adult (Farebox / Limited-Use Ticket) $2.50
Regular Adult (Clipper® or MuniMobile) $2.25
Youth ages 5-17* (Farebox / Limited-Use Ticket) $1.25
Youth ages 5-17* (Clipper® or MuniMobile) $1.00
Senior*, Disabled*, Medicare* (Farebox / Limited-Use Ticket) $1.25
Senior*, Disabled*, Medicare* (Clipper® or MuniMobile) $1.00
Child 4 and under Free

* - ID required

Street Car Map San Francisco

San Francisco Streetcar Map

Popular Question: What is the difference is between a San Francisco Streetcar and a Cable Car.
Answer: Streetcars in San Francisco has a trolley pole that connects them to an overhead wire. Cable Cars on the other hand run on steel rails with a slot between the tracks with no overhead wire.

A single ride fare on San Francisco's historic streetcars is good for 90 minutes of travel. This allows you can hop on and off anywhere during the 90-minute validity period of the transfer. Transfers are issued only when boarding and may be used on Muni Metro and bus lines. Transfers may not be used on cable cars.

San Francisco Attractions

San Francisco Attractions

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Muni Lost & Found:
Phone (415) 701-2311

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