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San Francisco Muni Metro Light Rail

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Opened in April 2007, the San Francisco Muni Metro light rail system is a 5.1-mile light-rail line along the densely populated 3rd Street corridor. The San Francisco Muni Metro light rail operate six metro lines:

E - Embarcadero
F - Market & Wharves
J - Church
KT - K Ingleside/T Third Street
L - Taraval
M - Ocean View
N - Judah
T - Third Street

These lines serve downtown and neighborhoods in the western and southeastern parts of San Francisco. The N and T lines both stop at AT&T Park.

In downtown San Francisco, the Muni Metro light rail runs underground and in the neighborhoods, trains run at street level. The above-ground Muni Metro stops platforms are in the middle of the street, while the underground stations are adjacent to the BART stops along Market Street. The Civic Center, Powell, Montgomery and Embarcadero stops share a station with BART. When you purchase a ticket at these stations, make sure to use the Muni Metro vending machines and not the BART ticket machines.

San Francisco Muni Metro Light Rail

Muni Metro Light Rail Fare & Passes

Category Muni Metro Light Rail
Single Trip Fare
Regular Adult (Farebox / Limited-Use Ticket) $2.50
Regular Adult (Clipper® or MuniMobile) $2.25
Youth ages 5-17* (Farebox / Limited-Use Ticket) $1.25
Youth ages 5-17* (Clipper® or MuniMobile) $1.00
Senior*, Disabled*, Medicare* (Farebox / Limited-Use Ticket) $1.25
Senior*, Disabled*, Medicare* (Clipper® or MuniMobile) $1.00
Child 4 and under Free

* - ID required

San Francisco Muni Metro Light Rail Map

Portions of the J, K, L, M and N lines run on the street.

The Muni Metro stations from West Portal to The embarcadero are underground.

The downtown subway stations (between Civic Center and The embarcadero) are shared by Muni and the Bay Area Rapid Transit District (BART).

These stations are multi-level, including a concourse level, a Muni boarding platform at mid-level and a BART platform at the lowest level.

A single ride fare on Muni is good for 90 minutes of travel, whether it be on a single route or a trip with multiple transfers across buses and light rail.

Using Clipper card at Muni Metro Light Rail Stations

When entering the light rail subway, hold your Clipper card to the card reader on a fare gate, which will open when your fare has registered. If

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San Francisco Attractions

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