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Clipper Card

Getting Around San Francisco

Clipper is the all-in-one transit card for the Bay Area. The easy-to-use, reloadable Clipper transit fare card can hold transit passes, cash value, parking value or any combination thereof. Monthly passes or cash value can be loaded on a Clipper Card which is accepted by most Bay Area transit agencies (i.e, AC Transit, BART, Caltrain County Connection, FAST Golden Gate Transit & Ferry Marin Transit, Muni Petaluma Transit, SamTrans Santa Rosa CityBus, SF Bay Ferry, SolTrans Sonoma County Transit The VINE, Tri Delta Transit Vacaville City Coach, VTA WestCAT and Wheels.

Using your Clipper card is as easy as tapping the card on the card reader as you step into the vehicle. You will hear a loud beep once to register your payment and the balance remaining on your card will be shown on the reader.

When using a Clipper Card on cable cars, a conductor will tag your card on a hand-held Clipper reader.

Getting a Clipper card

Clipper Card

In Person
You can get an adult card in person at:
Walgreens, Whole Foods and other retail locations
Transit agency ticket offices and Clipper Customer Service Centers
Muni Metro and Golden Gate Ferry ticket machines (minimum value required)

Order a Clipper Card by Mail
You can order an adult Clipper Card online or by phone at 877-878-8883 (TDD/TTY 711 or 800-735-2929 and type "Clipper"). Allow up to 10 days for delivery.

Note: Adult Clipper cards cost $3. Clipper waives this fee if you set up Autoload when you order your card online.
If you buy a card at a Muni Metro or Golden Gate Ferry ticket machine, you must add a minimum value to your card.

Muni Bus Fare & Passes

Fares & Passes

Category Muni Bus & Rail
Single Trip Fare
Cable Car
Single Ride Fare
Regular Adult (Farebox / Limited-Use Ticket) $2.50 $7.00
Regular Adult (Clipper® or MuniMobile) $2.25 $7.00
Youth ages 5-17* (Farebox / Limited-Use Ticket) $1.25 $7.00
Youth ages 5-17* (Clipper® or MuniMobile) $1.00 $7.00
Senior*, Disabled*, Medicare* (Farebox / Limited-Use Ticket) $1.25 $7.00 (7 am - 9 pm)
$3.00 (9 pm - 7 am)
Senior*, Disabled*, Medicare* (Clipper® or MuniMobile) $1.00 $7.00 (7 am - 9 pm)
$3.00 (9 pm - 7 am)
Child 4 and under Free Free

* - ID required
You must have a minimum balance of $1.75 for adult Clipper cards and $1 for Youth, Senior and RTC Clipper cards if you are paying for your ride with cash value.


Clipper automatically calculates free transfers on Muni buses, light-rail vehicles and historic streetcars. You must tag your card each time you transfer, so the card reader can confirm the 90-minute transfer period is still in effect. The card reader will display the remaining transfer time that you have left on your card.

When you transfer from BART to Muni within an hour using your adult Clipper card, you will automatically receive a 50-cent discount.

Muni Visitor Passport

Muni Visitor Passport gives you unlimited rides on Muni, Muni Metro light rail, historic streetcars, and cable cars for 1, 3 or 7 consecutive days.

Pass Price
Single Ride Cable Car Ticket $7.00
1-Day Visitor Passport


3-Day Visitor Passport $31.00
7-Day Visitor Passport $40.00
Adult CityPASS® $94.00
Children ages 5–11 CityPASS® $69.00
Children 4 and under FREE

Passports are the same price for all ages and abilities.

Muni Passports are good on Muni only. They are not valid on BART, other transit systems, tour buses, or for transportation to or from San Francisco International Airport (SFO).
Passports expire at 11:59 pm. on the first, third or seventh day of use, and must be used by January 31 of the year following the year printed on the cover of the Passport.

Save up to 49% on San Francisco's Muni and 4 other attractions with CityPASS.

A new adult Clipper card costs $3.
Clipper will waive the fee if you order your card online and sign up for Autoload.

Clipper discounts for youths, seniors and customers with disabilities

Clipper offers discounts for youths, seniors and customers with disabilities. For more information on how to obtain these discounts, select from the list below.

Youth Clipper card

Senior Clipper card

RTC Clipper card (for customers with disabilities)

Cash fare discounts for Seniors (age 65 and over) and people with disabilities
Seniors (age 65 and over) and people with disabilities are eligible to pay the discounted cash fare to ride Muni. On buses, streetcars and light rail vehicles operating on the surface, you must show a valid ID to pay a discount cash fare. On the Muni Metro underground, you must purchase a reloadable discount ticket from a ticket vending machine to enter the system through fare gates or via the elevator.

San Francisco Attractions

San Francisco Attractions

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