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San Francisco Taxi

San Francisco Taxi

Getting a taxi in San Francisco is as simple as calling the dispatcher of one of the taxi cab companies listed below. Alternatively if you are in a high traffic area you can simply flag a taxi down from the street. Taxi stands, hotels, tourist destinations, transit hubs and special events locations are guaranteed spots to find a taxi for hire.

Taking a Taxi in San Francisco

City of San Francisco Taxicab Fare Rates

Taxi Service Fare Amount
First one-fifth mile of flag rate $3.50
Each additional one-fifth mile or fraction thereof $0.55
Each minute of waiting or traffic time delay $0.55
**San Francisco Airport Exit surcharge $4.00

**Applies only to taxi fares leaving the airports.

  • No luggage surcharge
  • Passenger pays bridge toll(s)
  • Drivers may collect fare in advance for trips out of SFO and Oakland Airport

For trips exceeding 15 miles beyond the City limits, the fare will be 150 percent of the metered rate. The 15-mile limit will apply only after you have passed through San Francisco and gone 15 miles outside the city limit.

Taxi Lost and Found: Call 3-1-1, If you're outside San Francisco, call 415-701-2311 to report the lost item.

Taxi Company and Phone Numbers

San Francisco Taxicab Companies Phone
ABC Taxicab 415-401-8900
Alliance Cab 415-684-4444
American Taxicab 415-614-2000
Citywide Taxi 415-920-0700
Comfort Cab 415-682-9988
Crown Cab 415-920-0700
Eco-Taxi 415-285-3800
Flywheel Taxi 415-970-1300
Fog City Cab 415-682-9988
Green Cab 415-920-0700
Lucky Cab 415-614-2000
Luxor Cab 415-282-4141
Max Cab 415-682-9988
Metro Cab 415-920-0700
National Cab 415-648-4444
Regents Cab Company 415-614-2000
San Francisco Super Cab 415-682-9988
San Francisco Taxicab 415-682-9988
Town Taxi 415-970-9999
Union Cab 415-390-6000
USA Cab 415-920-0700
Veterans Cab 415-648-4444
Vina Cab 415-285-3800
Yellow Cab Co. 415-333-3333

Before boarding a taxi, make sure you see "SAN FRANCISCO TAXICAB" written on the side and rear. This should be written of all legal taxis.

San Francisco Attractions

San Francisco Attractions

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