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New York City Rental Car List

Getting Around New York City

With a range of car rental companies to choose from in New York city, it helps to arm yourself with a complete list of car rental locations. Use the New York city Rental Car list below if you need to rent a car when you get to New York.

New York Car Rental Tips

Before you rent a car in New York,

Shop around by calling several car hire companies to find out if the car you want is available and at what price. Prices vary widely among New York car rental companies. Make sure you are comparing similar sizes, types, locations, and dates.

Ask about required fees such as fuel or airport fees and additional costs which may affect the price you pay. Also ask about the required deposit if you do not have a credit card.

Always make a reservation, if possible. Unreserved rentals usually cost more. Also, call to confirm your reservation, so to be certain that the car will be available when you arrive.

Read the contract before you sign it. Never sign anything you do not understand and when in doubt, ask the rental clerk for explaination.

Check the car before driving away. Be sure that any dents or scratches are noted in the contract, so that you will not be charged for damaging the car on return.

If you are a member of the Automobile Association of America (AAA), you may be entitled to discounts on car rentals. Your credit card company may also offer rental protection when you use your card for payment. It always pays to check with them first.

The amount you pay for a rental car could depend on how you contact the rental car company. You may pay more if you call a car rental firm's toll-free hotline than if you contact an individual rental car office directly.

Alamo Car Rental Locations in New York

Alamo Car Rental

252 West 40th Street


(888) 826 6893

305 East 80th Street


(888) 826 6893

19 East 12th Street


(888) 826 6893

142 East 31st Street


(888) 826 6893

138-146 East 50th Street

Manhattan Suite #200

(888) 826 6893

219 West 77th Street

(888) 826 6893

Avis Car Rental Locations in New York

Avis Car Rental

217 E 43rd St

(212) -593-8378

153 West 54th St 345 South End Ave
310 E 64th St 220 West 31st Street 68 East 11th Street

515 West 43rd St


147 West 83rd Street 420 E 90th St
2148 Broadway    

Budget Car Rental Locations in New York

Budget Car Rental

225 East 43rd Street

304 West 49th Street

152 East 87th Street

Dollar Car Rental Locations in New York

Dollar Car Rental

329 E. 22nd Street


99 Charles Street

Between Bleeker And Hudson Street


263 W 52nd Street


160 E 87th Street


Enterprise Car Rental Locations in New York

Enterprise Car Rental

220 E. 117th St

(212) 987-3624

12 W 48th St

(212) 730-6151

403 E 65th St

(212) 717-2100

667 11th Ave

(212) 262-3231

234 E 85th St

(646) 422-2600

56 Fulton St

(212) 227-5050

221 Thompson Street

(212) 533-2900

157 W 83rd St

(212) 873-7474

106 W 24th St

(212) 647-9777

Hertz Car Rental Locations in New York

Hertz Car Rental

222 E. 40th St.

(212) 4865060

Building 318, Federal Circle


310 E. 48th St.

(212) 4865901

12 East 13th St

(212) 4865915

126 W. 55th St.

(212) 4865925

210 W. 77th St.

(212) 4865919

500 West 43rd St

(212) 4865912

355 E. 76th St.

(212) 4865929

4320 Broadway

(212) 7407714

22 Marine Air Terminal


327 E. 64th St.

(212) 4865916

18 Morton Street

(212) 4865395

323 West 34th Street

(212) 4865065

412 E. 90th St.

(212) 4865923

214 W. 95th Street

(212) 486-5914

20 Morris St

(212) 4865935

270 West 60th St

(212) 4865921

335 Canal Street

(212) 4865915

Marine Air Terminal


240 E 47th St

(212) 4865901

122-02 South Conduit Avenue


403 Lafayette St


301 E 69th St

(212) 4865916

345 E 37th St

(212) 4865060

345 E 81st St

(212) 4865919

1335 Avenue Of The Americas

(212) 4865925

330 E 38th St

(212) 4865060

115 E 9th St

(212) 4865915

673 St Nicholas Ave

(212) 4865914


National Car Rental Locations in New York


Bldg. 308, Federal Circle


(888) 826 6890

19 East 12th Street


(888) 826 6890

219 West 77th Street


(888) 826 6890

252 West 40th Street


(888) 826 6890

142 East 31st Street


(888) 826 6890


305 East 80th Street


(888) 826 6890

138-146 East 50th Street, Suite 200


(888) 826 6890


Thrifty Car Rental Locations in New York

Thrifty Car Rental

148 West 83rd Street

(877) 283-0898

Ace Car Rental Locations in New York

Ace Car Rental

8901 4th Ave


415 West 45th Street

(212) -792-8983

333 Adams Street, Inside The Marriott Hotel


35 West 170 Street, Inside Tower West Livery


AAMCAR Car Rental Locations in New York

AAMCAR Car Rental

315 West 96th St

506 West 181st St.

Prestige Car Rental Car Rental Locations in New York

Prestige Car Rental

148e 33rd St
(212) -679-4747

55 West End Ave & 62nd St.
(212) -957-1525

Epic Car Rental Locations in New York

415 West 45th Street

(212) )406-9289

Europcar Car Rental Locations in New York

Europcar Car Rental

305 East 80th Street 142 East 31st Street
Boulevard 308 Federal Circle Ditmars Blvd 95 10
138146 East 50th Street 219 West 77th Street

Action Car Rental Locations in New York

Action Car Rental

741 Broadway

200 E. 33rd St

229 W.60th Street

All Car Car Rental Locations in New York

All Car Car Rental

415 West 45 Street
(212) -792-8983

540 W 38 Street

Things that will affect the price you will pay for a Rental Car in New York city.

Size and type of car: Rent cars that make sense to you. Rental car prices vary greatly based on the size and type of car you plan to rent. Example of rental car size and type are compact, midsize, luxury, and mini-van.
Drop-off charges: Expect to pay a Drop-off charge if you return the car to a different location.
Taxes: Inquire about state, city, airport; or other government-mandated charges that can make up 20% to 40% of the total bill
Location: Remember rates may vary within the city and at the airport for the same car rental company.
Day of the week: Car rental rates vary based on the rental day. Daily rates may be higher during certain days of the week and expect to pay more on the weekends.
Seasons of the year: Special offers may be available during certain holidays or seasons.
Additional drivers: Note that extra fees may apply for an additional driver.

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