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New York City Weather

New York City Weather

New York City has a four-season climate. Summers are very hot and humid, with temperatures that can reach 100 degrees. Winters can be quite cold with snow drifts and high winds. Spring and fall in New York City are mild, and usually the best time to visit the city.

What is the best time to visit New York City

The best time of year to visit New York city is the spring and fall, when temperatures are mild.

From mid-September to mid- November, and the months of May and early June.

New York City Average temperatures:
  High Low High Low
January 41 28 5 -2
February 43 20 6 -6
March 47 34 8 1
April 61 45 16 7
May 70 54 21 12
June 81 63 27 17
July 85 70 30 22
August 83 68 29 21
September 76 61 25 16
October 67 52 19 11
November 56 43 13 6
December 43 31 6 -1

Recommended Attire for the New York Seasons

Season Attire
Fall Layers, Knits, Hats, Scarves
Winter Layers, Wool, Hats, Scarves, Gloves
Spring Light Jacket
Summer Cotton, Linen, Light Shades of Colors

New York Time Zone

New York City is in the Eastern Standard Time Zone (Greenwich Mean Time minus four hours during daylight saving time, from March through November, and minus five hours the rest of the year).

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