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MTA MetroCard

Getting Around New York City

The MetroCard is the payment method on all MTA New York City Transit subways, NYC Transit local buses, and express buses. Today, more than 90 percent of trips taken on New York City Subways and Buses are made with MetroCard.

Tokens are no longer used to enter the subway platform. You must buy a MetroCard to ride the New York Subway system. MetroCards can be purchased from MetroCard vending machines or staffed sales booths at MTA New York City Transit subway stations, at any MTA Metro-North Railroad station ticket vending machine or staffed ticket window and many neighborhood stores and newstands.

MetroCard Vending Machines located at subway stations will issue new cards and refill old ones. These vending machines will accept cash, debit, and credit cards. Your MetroCard can be used interchangeably on both subways and buses.

MetroCard Fares

Subway and Local Bus Fare $2.75
(11% bonus added when you buy or add $5.50 or more to your MetroCard®)
Reduced-Fare $1.35
Unlimited Ride MetroCard:
30-Day $116.50 (Reduced-Fare MetroCard $58.25)
7-Day $31.00 (Reduced-Fare MetroCard $15.50)
Single Ride Ticket (sold at subway vending machines only) $3.00
Express Bus Fare $6.50
(11% bonus added when you buy or add $5.50 or more to your MetroCard)
Reduced-Fare (off-peak only) $3.25
Express Bus 7-Day (also valid on subway and local bus) $57.25

* $1 fee applies to each new MetroCard purchase.

New York Subway Map

** Up to three children 44 inches tall and under ride for free on subways and local buses when accompanied by a fare paying adult.

MTA MetroCard

New York MetroCard A MetroCard must be purchased for access to a subway station platform. MetroCards can be purchased with cash from any subway station with a manned booth or at an ATM style vending machine located in nearly every subway station with cash, debit or credit card. They are also sold at newstands, and convinent stores throughout the city.

MetroCard is accepted by all MTA New York City Transit trains which include subways and Staten Island Railway and on all local buses, including Limited-Stop and +SelectBusService buses.

Free Transfers
Unlimited-Ride MetroCard – permits free transfers to all but the express buses (between subway and local bus, local bus and local bus etc.)
Pay-Per-Ride MetroCard – allows one free transfer of equal or lesser value if you complete your transfer within 2 hours of the time you pay your full fare with the same MetroCard.

If you pay your local bus fare with coins, ask for a free electronic paper transfer to use on another local bus.

Up to three children, 44 inches tall and under can ride free on the subway, SIR, local, Limited-Stop, and +SelectBusService when accompanied by an adult paying full fare.

Reduced-Fare for Seniors and the Disabled
Seniors 65 years of age or riders with qualifying disability are eligible for reduced-fare benefits. Benefits are available (except on peak-hour express buses) with proper identification, including
Reduced-Fare MetroCard or Medicare card (Medicaid cards do not qualify).

Note: Smoking is banned in public places throughout the City, including bars, restaurants, subways and taxis.

*** Buses also accept exact change.

Note: Your MetroCard can hold any combination of unlimited rides and dollar value.

Do you know?

The New York City Subway, is the largest subway system in the world by track mileage and the largest by number of stations.

With an Unlimited Ride MetroCard, you can hop-on hop-off New York city transit subways and local buses as many times as you like, all day long. It's the fastest, least expensive way to see all the attractions.

New York City Attractions

Use the chart to help you figure out which Metrocard is best for you:

Number of Rides Buy This Card Cost Your Cost Per Ride
Occasional Pay-Per-Ride** $5.50 ($6.11 value) $2.48
13 rides per week
15 rides per week
20 rides per week
7-Day Unlimited $31 $2.38
48 rides per month
60 rides per month
75 rides per month
30-Day Unlimited $116.50 $2.43
If you ride the express bus
Occasional Express Bus Rider Pay-Per-Ride** $6.50 ($7.22 value) $5.86
Express Bus Rider
10 rides per week
7-Day Express Bus Pass $57.25 $5.73

** (effective fare with 11% bonus)

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